Our Vision and Mission at CrossFit HighGear

Our Mission

HighGear was founded by Heidi Bogue and Thomas Karos for the purpose of delivering a lifeshift experience.  This community was birthed from the notion that optimal fitness leads to more than physical benefits.  Rest assured that our responsible programming, attentiveness to each individual, and focus on mechanics, intensity and consistency will bring about the physical transformation you are looking for.  We are fully equipped to present pure, straightforward, proven programming, along with specialty classes, excellent coaching, and personal attention in an environment that is challenging yet fun and most definitely life-changing! 

Undoubtedly, we are more than a gym.  HighGear is a community that not only maximizes fitness but fuels the whole individual - mind, body and soul.


Our Vision

Our vision is to grow a healthy, outward centered, intentional community that extends beyond physical walls and impacts people of all walks of life - not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.  HighGear pursues serving the needs of a dynamic community with our core values of faith, authenticity, integrity, service, encouragement, collaboration, creativity, and consistent excellence in all aspects.

We thrive on physical challenges, and even more, we get energized about training and guiding you through YOUR own wellness road map and achieving YOUR personal goals.  We are strict on form, movement, standards, and safety.  You will be coached at HighGear:  led by skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, high-level professionals.  But beyond their own personal achievements, their credibility is dependent on making YOU a success story.