AJ Baker

CrossFit Coach
AJ Baker


  • CrossFit Level 1


Coach AJ is passionate about what he does and it shows!  He is a blast to have as a coach and has a contagious enthusiasm and energy.  He also has a way of making anyone laugh even in the middle of a grueling movement.  Among his many talents, Coach AJ is a skilled gymnast who can front flip, back tuck and walk forever on his hands.  Occasionally you might spot him swinging on our monkey bars and trying some brave maneuvers at the gym.

AJ has been involved with CrossFit since 2014 and has been coaching since 2015.  He is an excellent motivator and loves helping others reach their next level of fitness.

CFHG is very fortunate to have Coach AJ on our team.  We love the skills he brings to the table and he certainly knows how to keep things fun and entertaining!  Be sure to check out his class!

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