Anna Jones

Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Coach
Anna Jones


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification August 2015
  • CrossFit Judges Certification - 2016


  • Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Administration
  • Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Administration & Leadership


Anna Jones discovered CrossFit in 2012 after graduating from Mount Union.  As an All-American discus thrower, Jones enjoyed the challenge of personal improvements and found that CrossFit offered plenty of those opportunities.  She “crossfitted” in her garage at home using a plastic jump rope, a weight set that only went up to 75 lbs, a 35 lb dumbbell, and a makeshift pull up bar.  Jones qualified for the Central East Regionals as a team member and loves the community aspect of CrossFit.

In addition, Jones has always had a love of food.  Growing up the enjoyed watching the Cooking Channel and in college took several classes related to Sports Nutrition.  She learned about the effects of food within the body, how different metabolic cycles occur, and studied “power foods”,  antioxidants, supplements, different protein sources, veganism, vegetarianism, pescetarianism, raw foods diet, organic nutrition and much more.

If you’ve ever shared a meal with her, you know her passion for food is contagious, “After years of studying and researching foods, cooking, creating new healthy recipes, trying different diets (I’ve been vegetarian, pescatarian, and omnivorous) I feel like I have a very hollistic and comprehensive view of nutrition.  Being a Nutrition Coach for HighGear is a very natural progression of my knowledge and passion for food and athletics.  My goal is to teach everyone a general understanding of foods and how they are digested and utilized by the body so that they can make conscious and wise decisions about what they eat.  The body needs to consume fat, carbohydrates, and protein, with minerals and vitamins for everything to work correctly.  I have no intention of restricting anyone of food, rather enabling our clients to make wiser choices that will benefit their bodies and make them healthier, stronger, and more able in their everyday lives.”

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