Becca Tighe

Yoga Coach
Becca Tighe


  • 100 Hour Yoga Instructor Training - Baron Baptiste, 2009


Becca Tighe began teaching yoga in 2009 after training with Baron Baptiste in Catskills, NY.  For many years Hot Vinyasa Flow Yoga was her primary fitness, while trying other things like boot-camp programs and Spinning.   She took her first CrossFit class in 2012 and fell in love. Quickly she was hooked on the ever changing challenges of the sport. She also began to realize just how important yoga is for CrossFitters.  Yoga works on flexibility, range of motion, breath and alignment, all of which are key elements of CrossFit.

As a CrossFitter herself, she understands how yoga can specifically help movements in the gym.   She can relate to the weaknesses that need attention to improve specific skills.  It can be difficult to to squat, do handstand pushups, kettle bell swings, etc. if your hips, shoulders or ankles don’t have enough flexibility.   Tighe is very excited to bring awareness to the mobility side of Crossfit HighGear!  She believes “if you CrossFit, you need yoga”!

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