Lisa K.

"Lisa's Transformation Story"

Lisa K.
Lisa K.

Lisa started her journey about 18 months ago when two of her friends Deanna and Linley convinced me to try CrossFit at High Gear. “I had been uncoordinated and overweight since I was 5 years old. I was always last picked in gym and never played sports. I did some running about 20 years ago but not for very long. So to try CrossFit at 49 years old seemed ridiculous.” Lisa thanks the HG community for being so supportive and encouraging. “There was always a modification I could do. There were times, I was told to go further and give up the modification. It took me one year to do a regular burpee!”
I also had gastric bypass done one year ago and have met with a nutritionist and learned how to control my eating (this will always be a work in progress). Now I’m down 122 pounds and am working to get stronger. I also always need to check my form. As my body has changes I feel like I need to re-learn movements. I’ve gone to a lot of gyms in my adult life. It’s very difficult to enter a gym for fear of judgements as an obese person. “
With consistent support from her HG family, dialing in on nutrition and continually staying active with CrossFit, it has helped her post surgery to keep the weight off. Lisa is always a smiling face at the box. She’s incredibly kind and has motivated others around her. She is determined and never gives up! #transformationtuesday #karostrained #crossfit #cfhg

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