Rachel S.

"So Much More Than A Number On The Scale!"

Rachel S.

Rachel has been married to her husband John for 12 years, has an 11-year-old daughter, Liz and two dogs, Molly and Thor. In her free time, Rachel likes to cook, run, and spend time with her family. Rachel has worked at the same company for going on 20 years and currently serves as a Risk, Compliance and Audit Manager for the bank.

Rachel has been doing CrossFit since 2018. Before CrossFit, Rachel ran for several years and was looking to add to her routine and to challenge herself. “I was not very athletic in school which caused me to gain weight as an adult and then I had to really focus on my health as I got older. The community has helped me stay consistent with working out (unfortunately, I am not the best at nutrition) but I do have better tools and I do better than I have in the past.”

“I have written this in my head multiple times over the past several years. The proud moment when I could proclaim I have achieved my fitness goals and have hit that magic number on the scale. The moment when I could look at myself in the mirror and the tag size in my pants and know I have made it . Well, that has not happened and honestly I am not sure it ever will. This journey started six years ago when for the first time my doctor warned me that with my current lifestyle I was on the fast track to several weight related health problems. I got winded going up a flight of steps, my pant size was somewhere in the 24/26 range, and the highest recorded weight I can remember was 282 lbs. However, I am pretty sure that at one point in my life the scales tipped over 300 lbs. I was 32 and I had heart health issues and that scared the hell out of me.
I had every excuse in the book for why I had let things get as bad as they were. Top of my list, was that I did not have the time. I worked long days, had a young child, and did not have tons of money. Looking back, I think that it was more that I did not think I was worthy of the investment. I felt like it was a waste of time. Changing felt like giving up comforts I was not willing to part with. I decided after that doctor’s visit to start moving. My attempts to work on my diet were all a failure so I decided to try something new. I signed up for a fun run and finished my first 5k in just under an hour. For the next three years my focus was on running, longer, faster and more. I ran dozens of races each year: from 5k to half marathons and even running every day for a whole year. I lost around 70 lbs during those years. I felt accomplished, but always found that deep down I was chasing that golden number on the scale: 180 lbs. After my year of running, I decided to join CrossFit. I figured I needed a new challenge and thought it might jumpstart my weight loss. Well, that has not happened.  Yes, I have lost a little, but what I have gained is way more important. I have found my tribe, my group of people who understand the imperfect process that is self-care. I have found amazing men and women who have supported me through all my struggles and successes. Most importantly, I learned that my success is not tied to that scale, that I am so much more than that.
Over the past two years, I have witnessed my body move in ways I have never thought possible. I am strong and I am capable and learning to be okay with failure, as it is part of the process. I am learning to be proud of how well I move the body I have and not to worry too much about the scale. I have even found a path to better nutrition (even though I suck at sticking to it).”

Rachel’s favorite movements include all of the heavy weights with deadlifts, shoulder-press, push-press, push jerk, and split-jerk!  This past fall, Rachel completed her first FULL MARATHON. Her thoughts on that journey were shared right after she completed the full marathon:

“Today is one of those important moments, today is a day where I am proud of what my body has been able to do. Today, with my husband, daughter, and family in the crowd, at a size 14/16, I moved all 215 lbs of myself for 26.2 miles. It was long , grueling and yes I cried at the end, but I did it. So today I choose to proclaim that I have achieved my fitness goal , today is the day I am proud of where I am and the weight that I have so long been ashamed to share. Today is the end of a chapter in my life but also the start to so much more to come. This week I will recover , eat all the food and drink all the drinks BUT get right back to working on me and understanding that I am worthy of the time and that soon I will hit my next goal and the next one , no matter what the damn scale says!! Next stop is finally hitting my 300 lbs on my deadlift!!!”

Rachel’s story is a transformation in every way. We are grateful to have Rachel as part of our “HighGear Tribe.” Her humor keeps us laughing and makes the gym a fun place to be. When it’s time to lift hard, Rachel has a grit attitude to never quit and challenge herself to add more weight as well as encourage those around her to do the same.


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